We manufacture quality furniture to the specifications of our clients, who in turn supply it to their customers. Attention to detail and carefully crafted finishes ensure that each product meets their exacting needs.

We manufacture furniture for companies in the following markets
Office furniture, including executive boardrooms, reception counters and general office furniture
Upmarket homes, including kitchens, cupboards, dining room tables and coffee tables
Designer hotels
Bespoke furniture items requested by private clients

Exceptional finishes
Our products are manufactured using only the best quality materials, most of which are locally sourced.

These include solid timber, veneers, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and laminates. Furniture can also be finished with mono-coat/oil-based finishes, clear and water-based lacquer or pigmented finishes.

We’ve also been involved in various eco-conscious projects where all items supplied were green compliant. The relevant chain-of-custody documents were also in place to ensure compliance for the client throughout the process.


Additional services
In order to provide a truly comprehensive service, we support our clients with product specifications and technical information, as well as pre-site visits, delivery and installation at their customers’ premises, as and when required.